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Me, Bertie Gilbert shooting ‘Grey Area’

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via ScienceAlert

Titanium dioxide breaks down smog particles in the air, and students in the US have shown that in one year, one roof coated in it can break down the smog from a car that’s driven 17,000 km(10,500 miles). And every day, 21 tonnes of smog could be eliminated by one million treated roofs.

Kawai Tam, Chun-Yu “Jimmy” Liang, Jessica Moncayo, Edwin Rodriguez, Carlos Espinoza, Kelly McCoy, David Cocker and Louis Lancaster. From UC Riverside. Not just “Engineering students”.

This is important.

I saw the photo and its printed caption, and before I even read the descriptive text, I thought, “I bet this came from southern California.”

And then I scrolled down. UC Riverside! Fyeah!

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Artist on Tumblr

Maxwell McMaster | on Tumblr (USA)

Maxwell McMaster is an artist/designer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He likes to think of his work as an ever evolving story. He has been drawing cartoons, making graffiti and illustrating before engaging himself to fine art. His inspiration comes from his city, pop culture, nature, his friends, and other artists.

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Maxwell McMaster]

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It looks SO UPSET lmao

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you tell em dan

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victims of the 90’s

Why is Hermione’s skin black o_o ? I am troubled here

Why wouldn’t she be? No where in the books did it say she was white. Also, why the idea of a black Hermione trouble you so much?

Now you know you cant have Black people in headcanons unless the book explicitly says she was a colored negro afro american chocolate ebony girl….

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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